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*** Free delivery *** within Austria ...

Construction silicone for aluminum

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Our Bausilikon is a high-quality sealant that was specially developed for use in the building and construction sector. It is ideal for sealing Aluminum pergolas, sliding glasses and Zip Rolls.

It is used to mark the junctions between the Pergola Elements to seal to prevent the penetration of moisture and water and thus a long lifespan to ensure the pergola.

sliding glasses offer a great way to create an open living space while creating a barrier against the elements such as wind and rain. Construction silicone is used to make the connection between the sliding glass profiles and the standers Seal to prevent moisture penetration and thus improve the durability and functionality of the system.

Zip Rolls provide effective sun and privacy protection and can also help regulate the temperature in your outdoor area. Construction silicone is used to seal the connection between the Zip roller blind profile and the surrounding structure to prevent water ingress and therefore extend the life of the system.

Overall, construction silicone is a important ingredient in the Installation and maintenance from Aluminum pergolas, sliding glass and zip blinds and provides a durable outdoor waterproofing solution.

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