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Enjoy more time outdoors, protected from wind and weather with our bioclimatik pergola MOTO ...



Motorcycle Pergola
Pergola Moto - Pergola24
Pergola Moto - Pergola24
Pergola Moto - Pergola24
Pergola Moto - Pergola24
Pergola Moto - Pergola24
Pergola Moto - Pergola24
Motorcycle Pergola
Motorcycle Pergola
Installationsanleitung pergola
Motorcycle Pergola
Motorcycle Pergola

High performance slats

Highest quality in material and shape...
  • 100% Aluminium

  • Special statics

  • Gummidichtung

  • Best insulation

  • 150kg/m2

  • Water drainage

(100+ rating)
Highest quality at the best price – very easy to assemble! These were the main requirements for the development of our motorized pergola systems.Create wind and weather-protected areas around your living space or extend it outside to enjoy even more time with your loved ones outdoors. Our Bioclimatic pergola with...
  • 3x3m
  • 3x4m
  • 3x5m
  • 4x4m
  • 4x6m
  • 4x9
  • Anthracite Gray (RAL 7016)
  • Traffic white (RAL 9010)
  • detached
  • Wall mounting (1 x short side)
  • Wall mounting (1 x long side)
  • Secure

  • EU delivery

  • 3 year warranty

  • Live presentation/showroom

Product detail

Material: 100% Aluminium

Rustproof: Yes

Water drainage: Integrated

Lamellae: Stable, double-chamber slats

lighting system: I, LED

Montage: Self-assembly kit, pre-assembled delivery

Max height: 2800mm

Post profiles: 120 x 120

Max. snow load: 95 od 150kg/m2

Max. Windlast: Class 4


  • Best quality: Only the best quality aluminum for all system components.
  • High Performance: Very well thought-out and durable design from Austria.
  • Maintenance free: The pergolas are maintenance-free. Since we also use rubber seals for our high-performance double-chamber slats, these should be installed once a year with silicone or rubber care products!
  • Waterproof: The profiles drain the rain/snow water directly to the ground via the uprights.
  • 3 year guarantee: We provide a 3-year guarantee on all parts of the systems for your safety.


Office: Mo-Fr 9:00-15:00

Maintenance-free fun all year round!

Sophisticated, innovative design from Austria results in maintenance-free systems that can be used all year round.

We often bought together!

Many possible side parts or accessories for our bioclimatic pergolas!

asked questions

Find the questions we are frequently asked with the corresponding answers here!

If you need further information or have additional questions, we would be happy if you send us an email at info@pergola24 .shop or contact us directly via our chat!

What is the maximum height that the pergola can be delivered?

Our bioclimatic pergola systems can be produced up to a maximum height of 2800mm (2650mm clearance height)!
We would be happy to produce your
Desired height - ask our sales department!

How much weight or wind can the pergola withstand?

A profile thickness of approx. 2-2.5mm and the special shape of the roof profiles enable a load of approx. 60-95kg/m2 - up to 150kg/m2 when selecting the higher snow load.
This corresponds to approximately 70-100 (120) cm of fresh snow!
All of our bioclimatic pergola systems are tested for class 4 wind loads. Please note the instructions for use!

A NOTICE: If there is heavy snow or strong wind, the pergola slats must be opened - also if you are away for a longer period of time.

How long are the delivery times?

If the desired pergola is in stock in our warehouse, delivery usually takes approx. 3-5 days.

For customer-requested productions with special dimensions, delivery times can take up to 12 weeks.

NOTE: Please ask your dealer about availability and delivery times!